Light Sculpture

A series of artworks that repurpose the movement of light as the basis for sculpture, investigating how architecture meets the natural world. I explore the juncture between the impermanent and the permanent, taking attention to a building’s relationship with sunlight, to illustrate architectural histories and create physical art.

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ToolsPython, Processing, Rhino, Glass
LocationMIT Media Lab, Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts


The first in a series of time-based, site-specific light sculptures. Using code and computer vision, I capture changes in sunlight patterns over time and respatialize the data into a three-dimensional form.

Sunrise at MIT Media Lab Lobby


I start by mindfully observing an architecture throughout the day, experiencing its program while searching for locations and moments in time with light that tell a story or reveal a principle in the building’s design.


I record time-lapse video of sunlight phenomena and use computer vision to extract shapes from the light across time. I re-spatialize the data to produce a sculpture that compresses its time/space into one moment/object.


Each sculpture is the result of careful consideration of the location and architectural features in question.


I use computer vision to retrieve curves from the footage of light, taking attention to their shape in a manner that reflects the overall tone of the lighting phenomena.

Generative Sculpting

I then spatialize the shape data to produce a sculpture.


This sculpture series focuses on four architectural landmarks.

- MIT Media Lab (I.M. Pei / Fumihiko Maki)
- Carpenters Center for Visual Arts (Le Corbusier)
- Gropius House (Walter Gropius)
- Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum (Willard T. Sears / Renzo Piano)

Initial Result

The initial results are objects that translate the impermament into the permanent. I am currently developing techniques to manufacture the sculptures in glass. More to come.