Light Sculptures

A series of artworks that repurpose the movement of light as the basis for sculpture. I create glass sculptures by transforming photographs of light’s movement inside a building into three-dimensional forms. I aim to capture the aesthetic quality and the feeling of the light.

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Medium glass, photography, code

This work is about the way I experience light in the built environment. I'm compelled by the moments and feelings that arise when I encounter light falling in an architecture or space around me. I reflect on these moments and return to record the movement of the light over many hours. I transform that footage into sculpture.

The sculptures are a snapshot of the light that I captured over time– long exposures in physical forms. I craft them with the aim of evoking the feeling I experienced as I recorded the light.


I capture the movement of sunlight and use code and computer vision to track the changes in the light's shape and color over time. I digitally sculpt the data into a three-dimensional form. Finally, I craft a physical sculpture out of glass that captures the way the light moved over time.

Render of glass sculpture

Physical glass sculpture



I mindfully observe the spaces I inhabit throughout the day, keeping myself open to encountering locations and moments with light that evoke a thought or emotion, or tell a story about the architecture.

Last summer I woke up at 5AM and walked to the Media Lab to watch the sunrise. I saw long shapes of light fall on the white tiled floor and move slowly across the building over the next half hour. It was a prolonged moment of serenity.

I create a three-dimensional form from the footage of light that I capture. The process of sculpting the footage into a form is personal, and it varies from sculpture to sculpture. The sculpture compresses the lights movement over time into a single object and moment.

I cut the shapes of light out of glass and carefully assemble the sculpture by hand.

Each sculpture is the result of carefully considering the location and architecture I record.

Throughout the creative process, I take care to ensure that the shapes reflect the light's overall aesthetic quality.

This work is ongoing. There will be much more to come.