Compass Sign Center

A design customizer and e-commerce shop that enables Compass real estate agents to design and order real estate signs. The shop features over 500 customizeable templates and integrates with a large-scale sign manufacturer to fulfill orders nationwide.

RoleLead full-stack engineer
LinkI authored a Medium article on Compass' engineering blog↗︎
Infodeveloped and released in-house by the Creative Studio team
engineering collaboration Sam Stevens↗︎
animation Mavis Everett↗︎
TechNode.js, React, Go


Sign Center enables real estate agents to design and order real estate signs that are tailored to their region and reflect the Compass brand.

Animation: Mavis Everett↗︎


Signs are an important aspect of real estate marketing and creating them previously required an agent to coordinate work with a designer, a manufacturer, and an installer. Signs are also subject to strict legal constraints on their layout, type size, and materials, which vary on a regional basis.


Sign Center streamlines the agents workflow by offering all of the required services within an e-commerce experience. Our design team created a design system and wide range of design templates that account for the legal constraints for each region. We built a web-based design customizer around these templates that enables agents to adjust their design within the bounds of the template. We integrated our shop with a large scale sign manufacturer to fulfill orders in all of Compass' regions.


Product Detail


The sign design customizer allows agents to design signs in accordance with the legal constraints in their region. It exhibits smart font-scaling, logo processing capabilities, and incorporates the product materials and configurations offered by the manufacturer.

Diagramming Icons

I architected the e-commerce website and led the integration with our sign manfucturer. This involved communicating technical requirements amongst all of the engineers via documents and diagrams. While doing this, I worked with designer Meeta Panesar↗︎ to develop a set of technology icons to standardize the visual language for software diagramming at Compass.


I created this diagram to illustrate the API flow required to process and complete an order with our manufacturer.


Sign Center required a large collaborative effort across an initially small design, production, and engineering team. Practicing empathetic collaboration was vital to the successful launch of the product.

Brooklyn, NY

San Fransisco, CA

Manhattan, NY

After Sign Center's initial release, I authored an article for Compass' engineering blog True North that outlines our engineering approach, our team's development story, and our practice of empathetic collaboration.

Sign Center — A design customization platform and e-commerce experience ↗︎


Working across a team of designers, animators, and manufacturers to build a large-scale customizable design platform was a meaningful professional experience that helped shape my persepctive on the future of design in a digital ecosystem. Companies and institutions of the future require design systems that are flexible and anticipatory– capable of adapting to ambiguity and uncertainty. The future of design will involve interconnected software systems that describe and produce the design of a brand or product, which Sign Center successfully accomplished.