Dovetail is an endeavour in sound and performance. It explores the rich space between seeming opposites— the organic and the artificial, the acoustic and the electric, between reeds and keys— to create something that coalesces while remaining discrete. Dovetail joins saxophone with lush electronic sounds, collaborating with a rotating ensemble of visual artists, musicians, and friends.

SELECT PERFORMANCESMesma Records: Mesmarize #5 ↗︎
Qubit - Bernhard Fasenfest Solo Exhibit ↗︎
Mesma Recrods: Mesmarize #2 ↗︎
CollaboratorsCooper Rebeck Lynn, Mesma Records ↗︎, Gabriel Mester ↗︎
Testu Collective ↗︎,  Vicente Atria ↗︎


Dovetail is a project helmed by Dexter Callender III co-created with Cooper Rebeck Lynn that began as a natural extension of their performance in a jazz setting. They have since performed in various capacities, accompanying the work of visual artists and multi-media performers, as a gesture towards the union of the many modes of creative expression.

Bernhard Fasenfest Solo Exhibit

Dovetail performed for Bernhard Fasenfest's solo exhibit Binocular Rivalry ↗︎, an immersive light and moving-image installation. The performance took place at Qubit ↗︎, a contemporary music and performance art initiative.

Mesma Records

Mesma Records is an independent electronic music label based in Paris and New York City that hosts the performance series Mesmarize. Dovetail performed alongside electronic artist Gabor ↗︎ accompanied by a live projection performance by Testu Collective ↗︎.