Cloud Light

Lighting objects inspired by a cloud diffusing the setting sunlight. Exhibited at Artechouse Miami and Plexus Project.

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Exhibited at Artechouse Miami - Art Basel Miami ↗︎
Plexus Projects - GUI/GOOEY ↗︎
MediumWhite Oak, Mahogany, Sapele, Frosted Acrylic, Copper Vinyl, Steel Rods, Diodes

Cloud Light draws on the aesthetic of a cloud illuminated by the late-afternoon sunlight. It takes it shape from the cloud-like geometries produced by smooth unioned SDF spheres.

GLSL shader code


Clouds offer a natual form of sunlight diffusion. Cloud Light diffuses the embedded light sources with it's frosted acrylic layers.


Cloud light is made from alternating layers of white oak plywood and frosted acrylic. The plywood layers are embedded with copper vinyl and small surface-mount diodes that illuminate the object. The layers of acrylic diffuse the light and create a translucent appearance.

Soldering & Assembly

I created inlay conductive traces, solder every LED, and assemble each layer by hand.


Cloud Lights are on display at Artechouse Miami from December 2023 - March 2024.

Cloud Light is permanently documented on the MIT Media Lab website↗︎.

Cloud Light is currently on view in Plexus Project's group show "GUI/GOOEY"↗︎ from 03/01/2023 - 05/01/2023.