Drawing Objects

A web-based drawing tool used to design bespoke lighting objects. I exhibited one of the objects at the Head Hi Lamp Show as part of NY Design Week.

RoleDeveloper, Designer
LINKSMIT Media Lab ↗︎
AN Interior ↗︎

Drawing Objects

I developed this tool as a way to quickly iterate on the design process for my Cloud Light ↗︎ series.


I adapted the design system I developed to accept a curve as the primary input data used to generate the design. I draw a curve in the browser on an iPad, which is sent to a server running locally on my laptop and processed by my Cloud Light script. The script returns a 3D model of the object back to the browser.

Physical Craft

I create circuits for each layer of the object using copper tape and solder each LED to the circuit by hand. I then assemble the layers together using steel rods.

Head Hi Lamp Show

I exhibited the light at the Head Hi Lamp Show ↗︎ as part of NY Design Week.


The lamp was featured in artices on An Interior ↗︎Dezeen ↗︎, and  Wallpaper ↗︎.